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A hands-on techie, Dantus Joseph (also known as DJ) has been part of the technology terrain since 1990. He enjoys solving his clients' business problems using technology . For this, he draws from his experience of a wide range of technologies and platforms - from DBase to Open Source. Having handled teams of various sizes, DJ’s skill in identifying, mentoring and managing talent ensures that only the very best work with him.

One of DJ’s first entrepreneurial ventures was launching an online quiz portal in 1999 with a partner.  He was technology advisor to Strategos Unos, a business consulting venture from  2000 – 2004. The team pioneered the concept of online tests. These tests were deployed for the management students at Symbiosis International University, Pune (India) from 2000 to 2011. As part of another business solution, DJ created a customized online learning system for Fidelity Investments for their distributed offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore on understanding global capital markets.

DJ has been Director - Technology, of Career Vidya Labs, a start up in the education space. He was the chief technology architect of the software product “TalentSherpa” – designed to guide management students to generate one page international standard profiles as resumes. The product had inbuilt placement management capabilities. It has been utilized by several management institutes in Pune.

ImageOver the years, Dantus,  has developed an astute understanding of how the internet and technology impacts businesses. Currently, he has set his sights on mastering android applications. According to DJ, “Over the last two decades, the advances in information technology, the internet and now mobile technology have completely changed the way we live.  Technology is no more just another tool we use; it has become a part of us. Increased connectedness among people will eventually break the artificial boundaries created between human beings.  Real-time is the reality today.”